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33-year-old Corey Green is currently recovering from surgery to restore blood flow to his genitals following a controversial run-in with police.

According to the NY Daily News, Green says that he was in a friends apartment when the NYPD burst in at gun point and forced him outside of the building to participate in a line up. Police were trying to find a suspect in the robbery of a deliveryman.

Green’s lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, says that when the victim arrived he identified another man as the assailant so Green began to walk away, assuming he was free to go. “One of the police officers grabbed him by the shoulder and the neck and threw him to the ground, and a second officer kicked him” alleges Rubenstein.

A spokesman for the NYPD has a completely different account of what happened. Supposedly, Green was continuing to be held even after the robbery victim had been identified because he had an outstanding warrant stemming from a DWI arrest. Allegedly, he attempted to flee the scene and the injuries to his scrotum were as a result of running into scaffolding.

When he was taken into custody, he complained of pain and was taken to the hospital. Here it was discovered that Green had a serious injury; his scrotum was crushed.

“This is certainly an outrageous example of wrongdoing and we are calling on the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to present evidence to a grand jury,” Rubenstein said.

According to reports, Green who is an exterminator by trade and the father of two has 15 prior arrests, which of course doesn’t justify the alleged brutality. He’s said to have been interviewed by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs investigators regarding his claim.


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