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Rapper Kevin Gates was on The Durtty Boyz show and had quite a few things to say on police brutality and being misunderstood about supporting Stacey Dash.

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When asked about why he deserved to be assaulted by police, Gates stated that his behavior was the catalyst (3:01 mark): 

I’ve been beat up by police on the streets and in prison, the reason why I underwent brutality is because I was belligerent and I didn’t respect authority…I’m a two-time convicted felon, so once they run my name [they treat you different] when they look at all my charges…but the way I conduct myself with respect [now] that’s when the world changed around me…

I wanna be a standup individual, I wanna be a man. I wanna talk to him with respect, but if I be disrespectful and become belligerent and perform verbal assault on an officer, I deserve to get my ass whooped.

When asked whether he was a supporter of Stacey Dash’s recent comments on Fox about the double standard between races, Gates responded saying that he is supposed to love all people and there’s an illness called dementia which makes people say things and believe that they are correct (7:33 mark):

I ain’t really know what she said…It’s only two type of people in the world, real people and fake people…but if she said that I agree with her. It’s hard its difficult sometimes, when I go to the airport, people may treat me different because of my appearance but that’s their ignorance…I try to love all people, I try.

So about this mental illness rant, is Kevin Gates alluding to Stacey Dash as being delusional?

Let us know what you think he meant about supporting her below!

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