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Racetrac's Yogurt World

Source: TQ / TQCreations

So I had a taste for some frozen yogurt the other day and decided to try the frozen yogurt at RaceTrac.  When I tell you I have the taste buds of a 7 year old sometimes you can get a visual from the picture above.  Yogurt World at RaceTrac had nearly 20 different toppings that I could choose from to put on my yogurt that I selected. I decided to try to the Strawberry Swirl yogurt and I topped it with marshmellows, fresh pineapples, cherries, peanuts, and sour patch kids, I told you my taste buds think their that of a preschooler, but the combination was AMAZING! I didn’t even get out of the parking lot before it was consumed.  I suggest you try RaceTrac’s Swirl World when you have a craving for yogurt.

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