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Remy and Papoose’s royal hip-hop wedding was the driving force of tonight’s season finale of Love and Hip-Hop New York. At first, it seemed like there would be drama with the wedding because the officiant went MIA…but not really. It turns out Papoose handled everything, just when Remy was near panic. Basically, Papoose wanted to surprise Remy by hiring the pastor who married them over the phone, seven years ago, when she was locked up, so he was secretive about the whole thing. Aaaaw, #BlackLove.


Everyone was moved by Remy and Pap’s ceremony, even the creep squad. Speaking of, Peter Gunz said seeing Pap and Remy’s union gave him some new perspective “because marriage is sacred.”


He decided that he finally wants to do right by his wife, Amina, and that telling her about the vasectomy he has planned is a good start. It doesn’t go well as you’ve probably guessed. He tells her about the vasectomy appointment and she goes all the way off. He thing is, she wanted to have another child, but got an abortion because of their marital problems, meanwhile Tara is pregnant with his baby, which means she won because now Amina won’t ever get to have anymore babies with Peter (as if their relationship is actually destined for greatness). Tara got what she wanted” is how Amina phrased the just of her frustration, which means Tara won (#PettyBoop). Amina went into a fit of tears again and told Peter to leave her alone, and that she doesn’t’ want to be with him anymore. We’ve heard that song and dance before, though.Granted, Peter getting the vasectomy is extreme. Peter really could have just stopped cheating on Amina, or at least used a condom with his sister-wife-side-chick.



Anyway, Peter is standing there stuck on simp claiming that this isn’t how this convo is supposed to go. He actually thought Amina would be happy about this, but I digress. The most important question is, who has a conversation like this at a wedding?


How much you wanna bet they got it in before the vasectomy though? Amina will probably be pregnant by the time we get to the reunion.

The actual wedding went off without a hitch. Their Winter Wonderland theme turned out beautiful, and Papoose reminded Remy of the agreement they made once the ceremony was over. The agreement was, if Pap gives Remy the wedding of her dreams, then she has to give him the babies he has been asking for. Remy agreed. Looks like we’ll be staying tuned for some rapping little munchkins on the way.

The rest of the episode summarized what happened with everyone else. Bianca is still working on her music, BBOD dropped Rah as a manager and are back together, MariahLynn is pushing forward with her music, and with Rah as her manager (good luck), Peter Gunz went through with the vasectomy, Tara had her baby shower for Gunner, Amina said she found the strength to stand on her own without Peter (yeah right), and Mendeecees and Yandy celebrated their daughter’s first birthday, which is most likely one of Mendeecees’ last family shindigs before turning himself in.


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