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SinfulColors and Kylie Jenner Announce Auction for Anti Bullying


Kylie Jenner got cheeky with the ink again. The reality starlet added a fresh tattoo to her butt cheek, where she already has the word “sanity” imprinted. So, what word did she add to go with it?

That would be “before.” A source told TMZ that Jenner got the urge to add a new meaning to her older tattoo so she contacted celebrity tattoo artist Rafael Valdez, who is responsible for most of her boyfriend Tyga’s ink. The new tat reads “before sanity,” which could mean anything, really.

The little tattoo didn’t come cheap, though. Valdez charges $200 an hour with a minimum of $600. Given this tat couldn’t have taken longer than a few minutes to compete, Valdez likely made a nice profit.

Maybe this is just the start of an entire poem or even a novel that’ll live on her behind.


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