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student protest north springs high school


Update: 3:15 PM

We have just received documentation that the Principal of North Springs Charter High School, Scott Hansen sent out a conflicting letter to parents citing the incident (with Willis asking the student to remove the #blacklivesmatter shirt because they are are a terrorist organization) just a “rumor” as if it never happened.

But we have just obtained video evidence of the Principal acknowledging the shirt from a new source:
“Even though the email CLAIMS that the shirt situation was a rumor, he explicitly mentions the tshirt in the video. In addition, the admin that took the shirt (Kira Willis) was a republican candidate for state school chief in 2014, as well as the Libertarian nominee for state school superintendent in 2010.”
Scott Hansen North Spring protest

Source: iOne

Sources also report that not only were students protesting, but so were teachers and even 4 police officers on duty who stood with their arms folded during the entire sit in. Teachers were crying and saying that they were happy the students from all races and backgrounds are standing together.

The students are not letting the Principal get off easy on this:

( — We have learned exclusively that several high school students and teachers are protesting at North Springs Charter High School after a white Assistant Principal demanded a black female student to remove her “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt, citing that the organization is a terrorist group.

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Here’s a statement we received from a source:

A white administrator by the name of Kira Willis who is known to harass the black students abruptly approached a black female student this morning and demanded she remove her black lives matter t-shirt. Calling the organization a terrorist attack.

Students, black & white along with teachers are protesting the hallways in defense of Black Lives Matter and the t-shirt. Kids and teachers are sooooo upset they are crying and demanding her termination from the school. Especially since she has been known to target black children at the school. This is North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Please post this everywhere and inform the internet, CNN and even Steve Harvey with what is going on.Kids and teachers are so upset they are crying and demanding her termination from the school. Especially since she has been known to target black children at the school.

Helicopters and news crews have arrived at the school. The student started a school sit-in near the center of the school and have now moved to the football field just after noon.

North Springs is located Sandy Springs, Georgia.

We will keep you posted with updates as we get them.

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