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Even casual watchers of the ABC hit Scandal know that Kerry Washington‘s character Olivia Pope is based, not loosely, on a real-life crisis manager named Judy Smith.

Well, Ms. Smith just hopped on board to “handle” the divorce of Mr. & Mrs. Smith star Angelina Jolie from her co-star and baby daddy, Brad Pitt. Given Smith’s reputation to clean up messes and drive away without as little fuss as possible, chances are Jolie is trying to put the media storm she started back in the bottle — especially since it looks like Pitt is ready to fight back.

Judy has been asked to consult with those working with Angelina on divorce negotiations,” a source close to the situation tells People. “Judy and her firm have a long history of handling issues that have unfortunately garnered too much attention in the public eye, and she knows how to push towards resolutions that are swift and discreet.”
But Smith also has deep political connections, and rumor has it that one of the reason’s Angie is trying to leave Brad is so that she can start a political career in the UK. So, will Smith be coaching the Oscar winner for Parliament, too? Time will tell.
Mean time, Shonda Rhimes needs to start taking notes — we smell another hit primetime soap in this story.
SOURCE: People | PHOTO: Getty

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