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This weekend at the first-ever ComplexCon, Mountain Dew and VFILES welcomed guests to experience The Camo Collective – an immersive, collaborative art, fashion and tech experience channeling all things camouflage and promising to challenge conventions of the popular print.  In addition to debuting an original, interactive augmented reality experience and curated gallery installation, the brand’s new camouflage-meets-wearable-tech collection, Camo Out, created in partnership with youth-culture powerhouse VFILES, was available for sale for the first time to consumers.

Both DEW and camouflage hold unique positions at the cross-section between the new American Heartland and urban street-wear culture: symbolic of freedom and exploration in both rural and urban environments, it exemplifies the lifestyle of having a “damn good time” and self-expression that DEW embodies.

The art and artifacts in The Camo Collective were curated by Jules Gayton, a senior designer at Herschel Supply Company who has also worked on brands like Stussy, Supreme. Jules invited various artists that are inspiring culture today, including Stash, a legendary graffiti artist and designer, and emerging artists Damien Gilley and Michael Walczyck, to demonstrate the evolution of camouflage through art from its original function for concealment to a tool used by creatives to express their individualized style. Record producer and DJ Nosaj Thing used music to tell the story of camo through custom mixes he produced specifically for The Camo Collective experience.

The exhibit also featured ‘the future of camo section that included a cloaking device and a first-of-its-kind interactive augmented reality ‘CamoFlector’ that used mirrors equipped with hologram-augmented reality technology – guests were virtually outfitted by the custom Camo Out patterns and immersed into a virtual music video of the future.

Following the CamoFlector, guests were led into Mountain Dew/VFILES pop-up shop featuring their original camouflage-meets-wearable-tech collection, Camo Out – equipped with Solar Panel Backpacks, Earbud Tracksuits, Snap-Cam Tech Caps and a Bluetooth-enabled Parkas.

Hip-hop group Migos stopped by The Camo Collective exhibit to check out pieces of Camo Out before their headlining performance.

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