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On today’s Word On The Streetz News, Mz Shyneka talked to Key Montana, the ex-wife of Russell “Block” Spencer to set the record straight on whether or not Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta was a sidechick.

Here’s details on how Montana found out about Burruss:

“One morning, I was sleeping in the bed and got a phone call and it was Ms. Kandi Burruss. She informed me that she was pregnant with Block’s baby and I was like “okay cool”…At first I wasn’t with it, I was like I’m about to leave with me and my kids, yall do what yall wanna do and he didn’t want me to leave…so whatever information that they came up with about the baby, that was on them…like I said I don’t have to keep the baby, I don’t have be involved if I don’t want to…but I actually did!”

She also shares that for the sake of Kandi’s daughter Riley and the other four children her and Block have together, she reached out to Kandi, invited Riley over to have a relationship with her siblings, but it became uncomfortable.

“So I tried to reach out to her to have a couple of sit downs, but you not gon come and search through my house like we was on probation or something…I don’t have confrontation….Girl you knew…It’s a shock that she would even speak on my life, she should have kept it between her, Block and Riley…but when you discredit me as a wife and my marriage then I have a problem with it.”

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Montana also says that while it’s unfortunate that Block hasn’t been and active dad to Riley, Kandi knew what she was getting into:
“But that’s what’s expected, you’re a side chick…She should have checked her facts before she opened her legs…everybody was telling her about me. She called me and told me she was pregnant…Girl you knew..”

She concludes that infidelity and the baby ultimately was the demise of her and Spencer’s relationship and in no way is she even worried about Kandi, she just wants her to be honest.

“I’m definitely not trying to bash her, I just need young women to know when we make choices it’s consequences that come with it…so you have to take responsibility for your own actions, I’m not saying its all her fault but she has a part, so don’t just call him a deadbeat, you called yourself what you are…”
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