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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Wedding Rehearsal Dinner At Prime 112 Steakhouse

It’s been six months since Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade jumped the broom, but their status as man and wife may not be official just yet.

Gabrielle has been living in wedded bliss ever since August, when she married D.Wade during a $5 million fairytale wedding. They had it a private estate with a moat and they invited all of their closest and most fabulous friends out for the lavish nuptials and juke joint reception.

One (not so) minor detail they forgot to take of, though, is their marriage license! According to Gossip Extra, the state of Florida does not recognize their marriage because the official documents were never filed. So, while the world knew was chatting about #TheWadeUnion, the Miami-Dade Marriage Clerk’s office has no record that they got hitched.

It isn’t that the clerk’s office isn’t aware of the marriage, there’s just no official documentation about it on file And it’s not that Gabby and Dwyane forgot to pick one up, they supposedly just haven’t turned it in.

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“We know they’re married from what they said on TV. And they obtained a marriage license before the ceremony,” Miami-Dade County marriage license manager Roberto Robeso told Gossip Extra. “They still haven’t returned the licensed signed by the person who officiated the ceremony. So their marriage has not been recorded by the state.”

At six months out, Gabrielle and D.Wade are way past their deadline for submitting their marriage license. Couples that wed in Florida are asked to send a signed copy of it to the county within 10 days of tying the knot. This would present a huge problem should either of them gets hurt or dies; they would not get familial privileges because their marriage is not legally recognized.

“It happens that some people don’t send it back. But in case of legal problems, or if one of members of a couple were to die, the other would not be able to claim his or her property.”

You better hop on that, Gabby!


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