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In part 2 of our exclusive with KeKe Palmer, the singer/songwriter/actress explains why she hates being compared to Rihanna:

“I will say it’s a nice comparison…I hate that they act like we are tryna get the same role or the same lane…i think we all are so different…Rihanna and me are totally different people…. and no matter how successful I am it’s not gonna take away from her and no matter how successful she is, its not gonna take away from me…You might relate more to Rih, you might relate more to Beyonce, you might relate more to me….

I think it’s good to have different people to relate to…I just hate how it feels like there can only be one. That’s just not a good mentality to have…

Watch the full interview above where she also shares details on her new book, her shoeline, her talk show, her new EP, Lauryn available online everywhere.

If you missed part 1 of our interview click here.

Palmer also salutes Diddy and Queen Latifah for their influence in the entertainment industry:

EXCLUSIVE: KeKe Palmer Reveals Her Next Big Move + Collaborating With Zaytoven + New “Lauren” EP

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