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Source: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/Staff / Getty

Is your favorite social media girl just a simple Instagram model, or is there something else behind her knack for posting picture-perfect flicks?

Two Canadian nationals are spending time in a Nigerian jail after their extortion scheme was brought down by billionaire Femi OtedolaJyoti and Kiran Matharoo were dubbed Toronto’s ‘Kardashian sisters,’ but were really just high-end prostitutes, according to reports that say they’d claim they had evidence of husbands cheating on their wives, then demand money to keep quiet.

The Grio reports:

The sisters admitted that they had sex with over 100 Nigerian men and had to promise never to reenter the country. Ultimately, the pair were brought down by Femi Otedola, the billionaire they had tried to extort, because he investigated them himself and kept his own records. Both girls are Canadian nationals but are being held in Nigeria until their January court date.

Jyoti and Kiran kept files of men they had sex with on their laptops and tablets. Besides prostitution and extortion, the sisters are being accused of cyber-bullying, the report continues:

The girls, who were often compared to the famous Kardashians, were found with “laptops and iPads that had the information of different people, including video tapes of men having sex with them… politicians, top ranking businessmen in Nigeria,” according to the City News.

In addition to the extortion scheme, the sisters are accused of cyber-bullying, with court documents outlining “the humiliation and cyber-bullying of some 274 persons, mostly based in Africa.”

Otedola, the wealthy man who took the sisters down, is reportedly worth approximately $1.8 billion. See photos of the Matharoo girls below. My, how things change in just a couple of weeks.

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