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The Christmas season is always full of surprises and Erika Davis was in for a big one…right in the heart of the Big Apple!

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Korey Felder, a Clark Atlanta University alumnus, is making headlines for shutting down the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink in New York City to propose to Davis.

Felder got his chance at pursuing his fiancee’ while hosting an event for their alma mater Clark Atlanta University‘s graduating seniors.

“I noticed her some time before at basketball games because she was a Cheerleader. But I didn’t have the courage to speak to her. I saw this event as my final opportunity so I literally cut into a conversation she was having and asked to buy her a drink. That lead to me taking her on a tour of the building and essentially pulling her away for a conversation. That conversation lasted five hours!  Even followed her to IHop lol”

The two were dating for six months when Felder realized that he could fall in love with her.

“I knew from jump I could fall in love with Her, But we had this puppy love infatuation thing going on so I didn’t know if it was real or the phase we were going through.  But when things calmed down and I still had those same feelings, I knew it was real.”

Felder says the most important attribute Erika brings to their relationship is prayer, which is unique.

“In my line of work I get pulled in so many directions i lose time and sight of what matters. She brought me back to a better place with God, reintroduced me to Christ… I’m a work in progress but she got me started.”

The couple are located in Atlanta, but Felder chose New York City to propose to his girlfriend, when asked why he responded.

“I decided that New York was the place because New York has a special place in her heart. She is in love with the city, the culture and versatility and I remembered that while there on business a few months back. So I met with my God sister Monet Taylor who lives and works in Manhattan and she actually suggested we look into somewhere memorable in the city.”

Felder is not from New York, so he had a team to help him execute the proposal, and they did an amazing job planning and executing. He stated that there was not any difficulties with planning the proposal.

“No, I’m use to pressure in high level situations and I had a great planning team. My God sister knows my standards and asked all the right questions to the management there. They were very helpful but hadn’t seen what I was going to do done successfully. But they were open to the challenge. Once we knew it was do-able I split a few key people from our friends and families into teams. Everybody took a task and executed flawlessly. Everybody played a part in this. Can’t take all the credit.”

There is not set date for the wedding yet, the couple is just taking it day by day.

“No nothing concrete yet, but the conversation has started. We are really just taking this time and enjoying the love and support from the people around us. It’s surreal.”

We wish this lovely couple the best and we will keep you all updated on their nuptials!

Article written by Antonio Curren.

Photos and video used with permission.

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