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#BlackBoyJoy is finally here and needs to be taken serious.

The long history of racism in the United states has had major consequences on POC’s in this country, but specifically black men have had to deal with racism while also upholding an unrealistic standard of masculinity. Many black boys are robbed of their childhood and seen as grown men and are not able to live freely and be themselves.

With the emergence of hashtags like #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackGirlsRock African American woman have been able to use social media to paint a narrative of what successful black women look like and how they carry themselves. But unfortunately for African American men, most of the hashtags that are created to represent them come from honoring the loss of life from police shootings and other unnecessary violence.

The hashtag black boy joy has tried to change the narrative and although we are unsure of who started it, we are here for it. It really took off when Chance the Rapper used it at the VMA’s. He is the epitome of black boy joy, from his style to his lyrics he shows that being a carefree, joyful, black man is possible. Chance inspired a movement of carefree and happy black men and boys around the country, check out the hashtag to see all the amazing posts of #BlackBoyJoy.

words by: Stephanie Bivins


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