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I am BLACK, but I don’t eat _______??? #ReecQOTD

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Was Meek Mills Sentence to Strong???

What is the most annoying things your GF/BF does?


What’s The Craziest Place You Got “To It at” #MileHighClub #ReecQOTD


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Hospital Denies Life Saving Kidney Transplant for 2 Years Due To Father’s Legal Troubles. What You Think? #ReecQOTD

Full Story Click Here (External Link)

Click to Join LIVE FB Convo What #Thotsumes are most likely to cheat on you??? #ReecQOTD


Should Your Ex Be Allowed At Holiday Functions? #ReecQOTD

What are the things that drive you NUTS in a relationship??? #ReecQOTD

What’s best way to tell someone there is something unpleasant about them? #ReecQOTD

What should people offer when they stay in your house for FREE?!? #ReecQOTD

How Do You Feel About Girls Being Allowed in The Boy Scouts? #ReecQOTD

What do you think about Eminem’s BET Awards Cypher Aimed at Trump? #ReecQOTD

Has DOVE Soap Gone To Far? #ReecQOTD

Would you accept someone who physically changed their ethnicity?

**Ex: a man who was born white, changes their skin color because they relate better to another race.


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