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Word on the internet streets is that Kanye West has taken his talents to Wyoming to produce his next album. Yes, Kanye West is in Wyoming. But why? Some will point to the obvious reasons of avoiding press and paparazzi (good luck with that), while others may think the opposite and believe that the mountain move is purely for publicity. Either way, unless you know Yeezy personally it’s hard to be certain on the real motives behind it. Let’s try anyway.

First of all, to be clear, Kanye West is a genius. You may dislike his music (how Sway?); you may dislike his fashion sense (even though he created the some of the hottest sneakers in history); and you probably don’t like the person (because he keeps it way too real). But real recognize real, and at this stage of his career, what’s most clear — not only is Kanye West a creative, he’s a creative genius.

As a creative professional, no matter how wild and zany things may appear, his behavior likely has a definitive purpose and meaning. So, for the sake of internet wisdom, let’s take a closer look at the method behind the madness of traveling deep into the mountains to make magic happen.

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Creativity has no bounds.

If a creative mind needs room to grow, then a creative genius needs canyons to evolve. While there are no rules to how flames (that ignite the next fire track, album, or movement) should spark, there are keys is to creating an environment where sparks can fly freely, so ideas can catch on and blow up, or light can reveal a path for what will eventually lead to a final product. Getting creative with the setting is just how geniuses do things.

Growing up, Kanye was known to lock himself in his bedroom for ridiculous hours working on his craft. Even though a Chicago apartment is far from a Wyoming mountaintop, in this case his mind was the canyon and his room was the space he created for himself to work in; locked in, undisturbed. As you can imagine, that’s probably not as easy nowadays being a grammy-winning, celebrity, family-man, and all.

Hide and seek with the real ones.

In collaborative cases, how bad do you want it? If you’re not willing to go all in and work with a genius on his/her terms, then how willing are you really to create a life changing product? Just like the wanderer who must travel to the edges of the world map in search of the key to eternal life, even members of the music industry’s elite must traverse the Wyoming landscape to join Kanye West in his quest to do just that — change lives and live forever.

Once the worthy have revealed themselves, then and only then is it time to sit high above the clouds and shoot for the stars. Speculation already has artists like Drake and Travis Scott headed off the grid in search for the modern day music magus. Album/Song title idea: Black Magic

Wireless Festival - London

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Block out the noise of the not so genius (aka common folk).

Let’s face it, creative geniuses want nothing to do with the mindless mainstream. After all, they don’t need the mainstream, the mainstream needs them. There’s a reason why tastemakers seem to have so many fresh ideas, it’s because many of them find inspiration within. It’s hard for the mind to stay fresh when it’s surrounded by sour stimuli.

Not only does a mountain getaway allow for the literal physical space to breathe and expand, it offers an opportunity for ideas to thrive without being met with any impediment. Though some are better than others at shielding the mind from distraction and noise, those who are serious about preventing any unwanted influence will travel far and wide (to Wyoming) to do so.

Until further notice, we may never know the real reason why Kanye West has chosen the “Cowboy State” (officially known as the “Equality State”) for his next major production, but we’ve seen this from megastar before. In 2010, news circulated around his grammy award winning album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasywhen it was revealed that he was retreating to the islands of Hawaii to work on it. Based on the what came of out of the studio there, it seems like Kanye knows exactly what he’s doing. See you when you get back, Yeezy.

words by: Taji Dean Ali