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If you know anything about Atlanta you know that we hustle! Since the Superbowl is coming to our great city we wanted to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit to help you get money when the biggest event of the year hits our streets. What are some side hustles you an do to make money while the Superbowl is in Atlanta?

1. Airbnb – If you live 10-15 miles from Mercedes Benz Stadium, then Airbnb might be a great way for you to earn some income while the Superbowl is in town. People are planning to be in the city from all over the world and hotels are already sold out. If you have a landlord, just make sure they know what you’re up to.

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2. Uber – Atlanta traffic is amongst some of the worst in the country, Superbowl weekend means it’s going to be 10 times worst than what it normally is. People from all over the world will be looking for drivers. The Superbowl is also a heavy drinking weekend so designated drivers will be needed.

3. Sell Merch – Selling merch is always a solid way to make some money during big events. Just know that you might need a permit to sell on the street, and you’re gonna have to get the NFL’s permission if you wanna use there teams, but if you make things, Superbowl weekend is the perfect time to find a place and sell them.

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4. Throw Parties – Atlanta is a major turn up city so everyone and their mama will be looking for parties to attend Superbowl weekend. You’re guaranteed to make some money if you can host a few parties during the weekend. Just understand that you will have a lot of competition since there are plenty of party promoters in the city.

5 Street Meals/Food Vendor – Since people from all over the world will be here in Atlanta, they are going to want to try food that they can’t find where they live. Come up with a creative dish you can sell that is unique to Atlanta, make sure is delicious and sell it to out of towners.

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