If you know anything about Atlanta you know that we hustle! Since the Superbowl is coming to our great city we wanted to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit to help you get money when the biggest event of the year hits our streets. What are some side hustles you an do to make money while […]

If you don’t already know, Super Bowl LIII will be in Atlanta, GA this year and the city is preparing for a once in a lifetime atmosphere. With more than a million people visiting the city for the Super Bowl, many Atlanta locals are asking is it a good idea to Airbnb my house or apartment during Super […]

The Florida teen has been arrested in connection with a deadly hit-and-run last month involving a stolen BMW from a rental Airbnb.

Part of the changes to Airbnb will include less of an emphasis on user photo displays and expansion of its instant booking program, which allows guests to reserve rooms without host approval.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't make it to New York often, but when they do, they do it with style.

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Airbnb wants to give Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a free stay in a luxurious NYC penthouse this fall.

Part of a class action suit, Gregory Seldon claims that under his initial profile he was declined a room, but when he pretended to be white, the host accepted him.

People will find a way to make some extra cash. Some have taken to subletting their apartments while they’re away. While that can be a…