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Unless your living under a rock, you know that SUPER BOWL LIII will be in Atlanta this year and the city is hyped! When a Super Bowl comes to your city, so does plenty of opportunity. But with that also comes a lot of headaches for many local Atlanta natives. Here are 5 bad things that will happen to Atlanta when the Super Bowl comes to town.

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1. Traffic

Traffic is already horrible in Atlanta, now add millions of people for the weekend and you get a recipe for disaster. If you work or live in the city be prepared to take alternate routes, or even consider working from home Super Bowl week.


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2. Over Crowding

The city looks to host millions of new faces in the city during Super Bowl week, which means downtown will look more like New York City. Plan for huge crowds of people taking over Centennial Park and other parts of downtown.


3. Price Hikes

Anytime a major city has a major event, the cities businesses feel the need to hike up prices for everything! Plan for all your local bars to charge more for your favorite beer.


4. Drunken Tourists

With the Super Bowl comes drunken fans from all over the country looking to drunkenly cheer for their favorite players. Be prepared for booze and bird scooters all over the place.

5. Annoying Fans from other NFL teams.

All fans not Atlanta fans are just Annoying. Be prepared from them to be everywhere


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