Bill Clinton


Now I know this one might hurt a lot of Black people.

During Clinton’s run as Commander-in-Chief, many people referred to him as the “First Black President.” According to NPR, during Clinton’s presidency, the median household income for Black households grew by 25 percent, Black unemployment fell from 14.1 percent to 8.2 percent and Clinton’s administration boasted about increasing loans to people of color.

Clinton even argued in 2016 that his 1994 crime bill — which brought about the three-strikes provision and the increased number of capital crimes — was supported by many Black people back when it was created.

The only problem is, that crime bill contributed immensely to the big number of Black people in prison to this day. When activists tried to point this out at a rally Clinton was speaking at, he pretty much shut them down without fully owning up to his mistakes.

Seems like he thought that all Black people loooved him.

Eventually, Hillary Clinton would apologize for the 1994 crime bill and her husband has also expressed some regret in the past. However, the damages are still felt to this day.

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