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Growing up my grandparents thought Noxzema cured everything and I thought that was pretty strange, but compared to this story, my folks were very normal. A man (not pictured above) is making headlines after he tried to cure himself with his own baby batter, even though absolutely no one—not even the internet—suggested the idea. Are we surprised that at least one man on Earth thought his semen could be used as a cure for back pain? Not totally, but it’s still gross as hell… especially because he treated himself to his own semen for more than A YEAR.

South China Morning Post reports:

“A 33-year-old man who had been suffering from back pain decided to treat himself by resorting to an unusual remedy not supported by scientific research: he injected himself with a dose of his own semen every month for a year and a half. The ‘alternative therapy’ baffled doctors at Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin, where the man showed up recently with severe back pain and a swollen arm, according to a case report published this month in the Irish Medical Journal.”

According to the doctors’ report, appropriately titled ‘Semenly’ Harmless Back Pain: An Unusual Presentation of a Subcutaneous Abscess, this was the very first reported case of semen injection as a medical treatment. Obviously it didn’t work, but here’s how it all went down…

“He bought a hypodermic needle online and injected himself with a monthly dose of his semen for 18 months,” the site states. “The method does not appear to have worked. The man went to the hospital days after lifting a heavy steel object. Pain in his lower back had got worse, the report says. His right arm, in which he had injected the liquid multiple times, was red and swollen. An X-ray showed air trapped underneath, as semen had leaked into the soft tissues. Doctors gave the man some antimicrobial medicine. His back improved during his stay at the hospital, the report says.”

No one knows where the Irish man might’ve gotten the idea, as the doctors did their research and could not find any such suggestion concerning semen…ANYWHERE:

“But they did not find any medical literature on injecting semen to treat back pains after a “comprehensive review” of scientific databases, publications, and “the wider internet,” including ‘eclectic’ sites and forums. The report did not say how or where the man came up with the unconventional method, though his isn’t the first case of people who are not doctors taking matters in their own hands.”

What’s your unconventional go-to cure-all? Let us know!


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