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Coronavirus may have taken over everyone’s life making it uncomfortable to be stuck in the house looking at your partner all day but there could be a silver lining.  The first few days are all about relaxation and being excited about spending time together.  Once that feeling wears off, it could get tough.


Love and relationship expert and clinical psychologist, Dr. Alduan Tartt shared tips on finding ways to survive sheltering together during the quarantine that will last for an undisclosed amount of time.

Practice self-care to get in a good mood.

Self-care is super important, as always and especially during this time.  Dealing with coronavirus news could be causing you some anxiety and worry so take time to do the things you may enjoy.  Try some activities that can ease your mind like taking a bubble bath in the morning, lighting some candles, or eating your favorite foods.  Create something to look forward to in your day.

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Start your day by checking in.

Checking in with yourself and others is vital in staying sane while being inside all day.  Start your day by actually talking about how you’re feeling and how your day is going versus everything in the news.  Checking in could look like journaling, praying, or practicing meditation.  With your partner, actually have conversations about your feelings and thoughts.  So take a break from the COVID-19 updates and release the need to be glued to the news.

Express appreciation.

Expressing appreciation could really strengthen your relationship during the quarantine.  Telling your partner how much you appreciate verbally and also showing by action will make being stuck in the house a breeze for everyone.


Set up creative dates/family games.

Spending time together in the house could be really fun if you set it up that way.  Setting up time for a gathering that is creative and new for your partner could turn things around.  Search on Pinterest or Google for fun and creative activities to do in the house.  Whether if you’re dating or married, set up cute in the house dates that can include things Netflix and Chill and a homemade dinner for one another to spice it up.

Take time apart and time out when upset.

Being in close vicinity with someone all day every day can sometimes be nerve-wracking. It can cause a lot of emotions to roam and that’s when you can take time out. It’s okay to spend time alone in your room and apart from anyone else.  Now is the perfect time to hone in on self-work and working on your goals, ideas, and dreams.

Discuss future plans.

Since you are alone with each other, the quarantine is perfect timing to talk about topics that you guys may have been avoiding or need to touch bases with.  The building or continuing a solid foundation is important in every relationship so now is a great time to assess what each party wants moving forward. Topics could be complex or something as simple as what will your lives look like prior to the coronavirus.



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