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When iconic producer and hitmaker, Teddy Riley, announced that he was up for the challenge of battling legendary crooner and fellow hitmaker Babyface–the internet exploded; but after creating the frenzy, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland announced to fans that they may have to wait just a little bit longer.

On Sunday (Apr 5), Swizz Beatz took to Instagram and posted the announcement that the monumental Verzuz battle had been postponed, but that they would be announcing the new date soon. The announcement also noted that the rescheduled event had nothing to do with either producer backing out, but that the two wanted to step the quality of the event, which usually takes place on IG live, for the iconic event.

“The date is changed but keep your outfits on deck because the new date is coming back ASAP and we’re taking the quality to the next levels for these 2 Kings #VERZUZ !!!!!!! @timbaland let’s go !!!! You will understand later trust me!!!!! Nobody backed out FYI !!!”

Since the debut of Swizz and Timbaland’s Verzuz battle kicked off with their Instagram Live battle, fans have fallen in love with the format. When one fan asked if the pursuit of quality would diminish the vibe of the raw experience by making it too refined, Swizz assured that the upgraded quality is necessary but won’t be overdone.

“We need quality, but [still need it to] be simple,” Swizz said. “You’ll thank me later.”

Although the iconic battle between Teddy Riley and Babyface didn’t take place, fans were treated to another legendary faceoff between T-Pain and Lil’ Jon on Saturday (Apr 4).  As previously reported, the four-hour battle featured the two hitmakers not only showcasing 20 of their monstrous hits, including “Hey Baby”, “Shawty”, “Damn”, and “Goodies”, but the duo also dropped a few mindblowing facts that left a lot of fans taken aback.

During the battle, Lil Jon dropped the trivia knowledge that the infamous “squeaking” sound in Trillville’s hit “Some Cut” isn’t mattress springs, but instead a rocking chair that Jon was sitting in at the studio that was accidentally picked up in the audio.

“Fun fact everyone,” Jon said after seeing fans put up the bed emoji during the battle, “that’s not a bed making that squeaking sound. For years everyone thought it was mattress springs, but when we were recording in the studio I was sitting in this chair rocking while were recording, so when the engineer played back the audio he kept asking ‘what that sound was’, but I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then we took the mic and put up to the chair and found out it leaked in the audio, but it made a dope addition to the beat. So yea, all by accident.”

Lil Jon also added that his first number one hit was Capleton’s 1994 hit “Tour (Dynamik Duo Remix)”.

Before the battle concluded, the duo chart dominators previewed two unreleased new songs, including a new song by T-Pain and collaboration single with Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Usher, which Jon noted was completed in 2018.

“You know how long I have been sitting on that record,” Lil Jon said. “For two years because Usher won’t let me put it out. Everyone tell Usher in the comment section to put the record out.”

Check out snippets from the epic battle below.

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