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African-American woman on team of medical professionals

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Dear Healthcare Workers,

First off thank you. Thank you for being miracle workers. Thank you for making the sacrifice in these times of unknown. Thank you for trying your best. Thank you for looking out for us. Thank you for being God’s little human angels. Thank you for informing us on how important it is for us to stay home. Thank you for your nobleness. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for taking time. Thank you to each shift that has to go in. Thank you for having the courage. Thank you for being present. Thank you for being strong even when you don’t want to. Thank you for your humility. Thank you for taking the extra steps and going the extra mile. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Everyday you are on the front lines doing more than what is required and your value and need to our society is priceless. 

Right now as we continue to operate in the state of unknown, we can at least do you all the courtesy of following the proper safety procedures of CDC guidelines to help flatten this curve. Its’s the least we can do.

When you watch the news, look outside, and even scroll on social media to see the nonchalant attitude from certain people, we know that can be disheartening, and we apologize to your for it.  It’s just pure ignorance for them to not wear their mask, wash their hands, cancel their little kick backs and overall stay their ass home if they are not considered an essential worker.

In addition, we feel the “WTF” energy, as we see some of our government officials make some irrational decisions. They continue to want you to give your sleeve and your risk lives, while they stay home and social distance. Thank you….

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Regardless of their ignorance, many of us are taking this seriously. Many of us have family members who are on the front lines with you. Also, we understand the severity of this virus. Every time you see someone with their mask on and following other safety procedures, we hope it brings you light. We are doing our best at quarantining, going out if necessary, taking our proper vitamins and medicine. Every preventive method we are taking we have you in mind. Plus, we’re not trying to get popped in the forehead for coming to the hospital just for a headache, according to nurse Sheena (@keepingitkinky). We are going to stay our asses home for a little bit and we are going to do the for YOU, not for ourselves.

Even though we are not physically with you, we are with you. Every tear that has been shed in your car, the pain of not being able to hug your family immediately as you walk through the door, the pain of not seeing your family members, and so much more; WE ARE HERE. 

As you gear up to head on the front lines to help fight this war against COVID-19, we thank you for all that you do. Thanks for being our heroes. We love you forever. One love. 

Words by: Kinyana Mccoy