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A global pandemic may be able to stop business as usual but it can’t stop a couple from divorce… For the last couple months we’ve all had to be on lockdown and for some this has been pure hell. Imagine already having problems with your spouse and BOOM the world shuts down and now you’re stuck with them day in and day out. Well, this is reality for most couples in the US. With quarantine tensions high due to money issues, lack of escape from home, boredom and just flat out dislike for one another June is slated to have a record high number of divorce or separations. Most court systems have begun to restart after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and that has been the green light for most to start filing for divorce experts say. But, where do you go from here? With so many out of work and business still not completely back to normal getting a divorce will be more time consuming and even more expensive than ever before. Basically the saying it’s cheaper to keep her may hold true for most couples looking for an easy out after months of being trapped in a dead situation. With no certainty that things are getting any better any time soon as tensions rise even more from global pandemic, social injustice and economic crisis it’s almost inevitable that the divorce rate will continue to soar over the next 6 months.