Whats Hot With Erin Rae

Once upon a time faithfulness is something people would seek in a companion. Well, those days are long gone… Most people are not interested in being in a monogamous relationship anymore but rather someone they can have a good time with. Not sure if people don’t believe it exist anymore and have just giving up […]

By now I’m positive you have spent your stimulus check (if you even received one) and looking for another one. Well, that may happen and sooner than later. The second bailout has yet to be passed but it is more than likely it will and if so you could start receiving payments as early as […]

Just when we thought it might be OKAY to go outside and maybe have a summer coronavirus said aht aht. After months in the house and a brief opening we are now getting prepared to be back bored in the, in the house bored with another lockdown looming over our summer. With many other countries […]

A global pandemic may be able to stop business as usual but it can’t stop a couple from divorce… For the last couple months we’ve all had to be on lockdown and for some this has been pure hell. Imagine already having problems with your spouse and BOOM the world shuts down and now you’re […]

During the fall and winter months most people experience dry cracked skin or common colds, but this year why wait for that to happen when you can be living your best life… Below are a list of What’s Hot essentials for tackling those cold temperatures. Preventing Common Cold, Sore Throats and Building Immune System Garlic […]

  Michigan’s own DDS is a fast rising producer with tracks under his belt including Dej Loaf’s Try Me and now his newest project with Kash Doll. DDS is proving he has real staying power and teaching others how to mold their craft while climbing the charts.  Starting while still in high school DDS began […]

    Chinara Butler wife of the late great Pimp C is keeping his legacy alive and strong with a new cannabis infused BBQ sauce. Mr Smoke Somethin‘ is living through his children, music and products thanks to his wife. Find out how BELOW!