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St. Thomas, Virgin Islands is known for artists like Verse Simmons, R City, and now Scarzeo.


One of our very own took a visit to Scarzeo’s studio session in Atlanta to listen to some of his upcoming music, he also previewed this new track “Where I’m From” produced by Ayo Rodey. The video produced on location in his hometown depict’s what the early life of a young Scarzeo was like growing up in the Virgin Islands he describes what it was like also mentioning a famous line from music mogul Jay Z. This form of storytelling is well respected in the hip hop industry, Scarzeo is introducing you to him in the most unique way possible by taking you to the source. Whereas most artists may show a fabricated or made-up lifestyle, however through visual Scarzeo brought us directly to the source & where it all started. Scarzeo is scheduled to release a new project titled “Son Of An Immigrant ” very soon and I’m intrigued to see what body of work he releases and the level of substance that he will

When puff was in that tub spillin mo’ I was at my video, cris’ on the speedboat In my lifetime n***a, go through your research St. Thomas my n***a, that was me first.  – Jay Z

Watch the full video below.