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Malcolm D Kelley

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Malcolm D. Kelley, is known for his roles, such as Walt in Lost, Young Antwon Fisher in Antwon Fisher, Michael Clark in Detroit and made many cameo appearances in the our favorite television shows from Malcolm in the Middle to Insecure, but it’s one role the young sensation continue to basket in as the iconic character Lil Saint, from You Got Serve remains relevant through social media’s #Doitforlilsaintchallenge.

The multi-faceted young vet was also signed to Columbia Records being apart of a pop duo with Gigantic Co-Star Tony Oller, entitled MKTO, known for there hit single Classic, which debuted at 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

I had the opportunity to chat with the talent who has grown right before our eyes and we talked about his journey as an independent artist,

reminiscing on filming Detroit, growing up in the industry, and of course we had to do it for lil saint. Get in on this conversation and watch as Malcolm D. Kelley and I put on for the Taurus Gang and give you some insight on his new movie expected to hit theaters soon, entitled Dutch.

Check out the full trailer for Dutch below: