Malcolm D. Kelley, is known for his roles, such as Walt in Lost, Young Antwon Fisher in Antwon Fisher, Michael Clark in Detroit and made many cameo appearances in the our favorite television shows from Malcolm in the Middle to Insecure, but it’s one role the young sensation continue to basket in as the iconic character Lil Saint, from […]

    We can all expect Saturday Night Live to have the most impressive choices for hosts, but this is the one I’m really looking forward to.    The Insecure producer and actor, Issa Rae,  will host SNL on October 17 with musical guest, Justin Bieber.     Issa Rae is just one of the […]

We chatted with Jay Ellis about fighting for freedom, exercising humanity, and even briefly reflected on the stirring Season 1 finale of HBO's 'Insecure.'

  The first episode of HBO’s Insecure introduces viewers to “Issa,” played by Issa Rae, on her 29th birthday. She’s in a job that seems just okay, and in a relationship that is at least a little unfulfilling. Her live-in boyfriend, Lawrence (Jay Ellis),  is unemployed currently, but working on the next best app of […]

Check out the best social media reactions to the finale episode of Insecure.

Check out the best social media reactions to the finale episode of Insecure.

A man’s new girlfriend has an issue with the fact that he’s still in contact with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter- who he basically raised as his own. While he has no intention of cutting off his three year old “stepdaughter,” Spirit advises him on how to handle the insecurity that his currently is acting out on. […]

During the two-minute clip, we watch Issa navigate #RealLifeBlackGirlProblems while balancing her strained relationship with her boyfriend.

Fans have waited for what seems like forever, but finally the wait appears to be coming to an end soon for Issa Rae’s new HBO series Insecure. Today, the first look at the series dropped in the form of a teaser trailer and it looks like something special.   When it first was announced that […]