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G-Unit’s Tony Yayo sheds some light on what Lil Wayne will go through when he finally begins his prison bid.

Yayo knows what he’s talking about, having served time in Rikers Island for possessing a forged passport during what was arguably G-Unit’s most successful time period. So everything he says is based on his experience.

Make sure he bring his weed and his pills and boof that…cheek his pills…all his drugs. Get that in his system…He’s gonna get processed quick because he’s a superstar, then they’re going to take him to Rikers…I doubt he’ll be on the bus with other inmates because he’s too high profile…He’s going to be on 23 hour lockdown, cuz there’s no way he’ll be in population…if something happens to Lil Wayne in jail, Rikers Island don’t wanna be responsible for that.