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Actor and musician Common visited Atlanta earlier this week for an intimate meet & greet to answer a few questions about his new movie, Just Wright, starring Queen Latifah. He also shared his thoughts on his ex-girlfriend Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video, his relationship with Serena Williams and whether he would date a woman Queen Latifah’s size. Here are a few notes from the interview:

While addressing his transition from hip-hop to movies, Common revealed that he has always tried to remain true to himself, be creative and still have fun. He took acting lessons and takes his role as an actor very serious. He wants to have a long career in acting and is in it for the long haul.

On dating Serena Williams & women in general: He says he didn’t have to use any pick-up lines [when approaching Serena]. He was just honest. He has great intuition and street sense when it comes to women and dating. He doesn’t knock women who admire him for his work, but she should still be able to hold her own. He can tell if someone is genuine.

On Black Romantic Comedies making a comeback: He is enthused and excited that films are starting to show another side. He said “I am really GEEKED. It’s like we can be classy, too. We love too. Love is universal.”

When asked would he date a woman of Queen Latifah’s size: He responded yes, if he was attracted to her. He stated, no matter a woman’s size, she should be able to love herself first, then she can get love in return.

On being a sex symbol: He definitely appreciates the love, but doesn’t take it to the head.

On Erykah Badu’s Window Seat Video: Common says he hasn’t seen the video yet. He says he is very low-tech and had a hard time finding it on YouTube. But he salutes Erykah Badu and agrees with his homeboys that “Yeah, she’s a sexy woman.” He thinks she is innovative and it was a great marketing strategy.