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The backlash against producer Solar continues, as the unidentified individual who hacked his Twitter account is conducting full interviews.

In a new interview with Vibe, a “female” hacker named only as “Renaldo,” claimed she was exposing Solar in order to defend rapper Guru, who died from cancer on April 19th.

The hacker has released a number of shocking documents, including emails that imply that Solar was the author of a controversial “deathbed” letter written by Guru that slighted DJ Premier/

Documents also hit the net from Solar’s inbox that revealed he may have been attempting to wrestle royalties away from Guru as he lay in a coma in the hospital.

“I’m angry because [of the] things popped off on the Internet about Solar,” Renaldo said. “There were rumors going on about Solar selling Guru’s house while Guru was in the hospital. So when people came forward like Solar’s baby mother, I was like, ‘Let’s expose this guy.’ So that’s why I did it.”

At press time, Solar has yet to respond to interview an interview request by

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