The Night Show

A new ORIGINAL series has landed on Netflix and I binge-watched the entire thing in 3 days straight (I have a full-time job, I can’t do it in 1 day…) with food and some light libations. It’s called Stranger Things and I actually caught the commercial/trailer for it while watching random YouTube videos. I don’t […]

A startup company is hoping to make your Pokémon Go! gaming experience a little easier through interactive LED sneakers. Vixole has created a prototype for a smart model with built-in sensors that are compatible with virtual and augmented reality games like Pokémon GO. In concept, the sneakers would vibrate when a Pokémon appears nearby and work along with the […]

Now, I know golf may not be the most popular sport among the African-American masses but I will bet money this will make more of y’all want to play the same way it’s making me want to play. First, a quick fact just to educate you…golf was added to the Olympics for the first time […]

I don’t know if it’s the name, the looks or the fact that she can glow the f*** up at night and work a federal government job during the day time (yes, she has a REAL job too) but @ak_gobang aka Ahkeilah Leila YasMeen Murib is most definitely deserving of the Sprite this week so Obey […]

For all my sports fans, especially my baseball fans (Go Braves), I have the coolest documentary for you. “Fastball”  is a in-depth and very entertaining look into the fastest pitchers in the history of baseball over the last almost 100 years. We are talking about the pitches that exceed 100 mph and just how fast, […]

The 10s are already some of my favorite retro Jordans. So, if you add about 100 lbs of solid gold to them, throw my favorite rapper’s, Drake, imprint on it and put them up for the world to see…you know they have to be my Sneak of the Week. I don’t even want to know […]

If you can get through the thick British accents (which aren’t that bad to understand at all) then you can completely enjoy Kilo Two Bravo. An entire squad of brave soldiers venture into the depths of Afghanistan and run into a mine field…THAT’S IT! May not sound like a lot right now, but once you […]

Longtime Air Huarache fans can finally cross this unicorn off their lists. That’s right, Nike just brought back the original “Purple Punch” colorway of the shoe, which hasn’t been seen on shelves since its debut in 1991. Purple is the color of royalty and these right here are FYE!

When it comes to retro Jordans, I am not the biggest fan of low tops. But these right here, there right here?! These are called GORGEOUS! Check out the classic retro Air Jordan 11’s with a gold and low twist!