One woman took her thirst for recording and posting to the next level by filming herself performing oral sex on a man inside a Florida courthouse.

On this edition of Model Mondays the Durrty Boyz interviewed Patrice Brown also known as #TeacherBae and she reveals what those DM’s are like and what she looks for in a man! Click the video above to watch. Brown also talks about her new found fame when she is out in public and believes her […]

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The rape case involving superstar basketball player Derrick Rose just got a lot more complicated, as it was just discovered that on Tuesday, October 11th the LAPD detective who was leading the investigation of the rape case was found dead in her home. Early reports are suggesting that her death was the result of a […]

This days on Twitter, no one’s safe not even R&B “savage” Rihanna who’s been trending on Twitter today for not being able to wink! Check out the funny gifs below: Sign Up For Our Newsletter! This is too funny!!!

After a photo surfaced of the rapper rocking a new, blowout hair-do, social media let the jokes rip.

Plus, President Obama sends Simone Biles a huge "congrats" and a Tenn. father accused of accidentally shooting and killing daughter fails drug test.

Marijuana users in Brooklyn, New York are on high alert after 30 people were victims of a mass overdose from synthetic marijuana “K2”. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Witnesses say these victims were literally walking around like zombies: “It was like a scene out of The Walking Dead. They were zombied out. They were laid out twitching […]

If you’re up for some conspiracy, there’s an ongoing theory that human cloning is going on by the Illuminati and some of your favorite celebrities have already been swapped out. B.o.B. and Tila Tequila have both made mention of cloning on social media: Sign Up For Our Newsletter! To add another this, a story that […] In slow news today, fitness and aerobics guru Richard Simmons is rumored to have transitioned to a woman named Fiona, according to the National ENQUIRER. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Now while the ENQUIRER‘s stories can be questionable at times, we’re baffled with curiosity since Simmons has been out of the public eye for the last three […]

Jonathan Nicola reportedly cited tumultuous conditions in his native country of Sudan in his request for a student visa. Nicola gained entry into Canada where he enrolled in high school and was a star athlete. The only issue: he's 30 years old, not 17.

Over the weekend, Brooklyn rapper Desiigner performed in front of a live audience promoting his chart topping single “Panda” and out of nowhere pukes on stage….ughhhhhhhhh…… Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Then the rapper continues to complete the song though and give the fans an incredible show… Check out his SXSW video documentary to check […]

Police are currently investigating whether or not Shivonie Deokaran scammed hundreds of people into donating thousands towards her medical bills for her alleged terminal illness.