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If you’re up for some conspiracy, there’s an ongoing theory that human cloning is going on by the Illuminati and some of your favorite celebrities have already been swapped out.

B.o.B. and Tila Tequila have both made mention of cloning on social media:

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To add another this, a story that we later found on a satyrical website falsely stated that rapper Lil Boosie believes Gucci Mane is a clone:

“I rock with Gucci the long way but that ain’t the real Gucci, we both sitting in the studio and he seemed lost and after his show at Mansion he called me Herman […] You know they can do that crazy clone Sh*t these days, you look at Gucci and tell me that’s Gucci and ill pay yo child support and yo baby momma rent.”

Well while the story was fake–and Boosie did not make those comments,  here was Gucci’s statement in response to the clone theory…

According to Donald Marshall, a self-proclaimed clone himself, people of influence are chosen by the Illuminati to control the masses. From movies, politics and music, Marshall gets extremely detailed in the below interview and shares unbelievable stories about “cloning” that he says he has witnessed! We summarized the long-as-hell interview for you below – but if you don’t have anything to do, listen to it fully in the video. He says:
  • Human cloning began around the end of World War II and allows human consciousness to be transferred between clone bodies. But it’s a flawed technology, and the minds of clones can be damaged.
  • He was commissioned by the Illuminati to write modern hit pop songs, including tracks by Britney Spears.
  • World politicians and entertainers gather at secret underground military bases and watch gladiator fights among clones. They also engage in sex with the clones and torture them. That includes clones of children.
  • The Illuminati have forged an alliance with the an ancient race of parasitic lizards, the Vril.
  • The late Bernie Mac died of an aneurysm that resulted from being tortured for trying to speak up for and protect Marshall against the Illuminati.
  • The Illuminati killed Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown knew she was involved in cloning and being controlled by them.
  • The cover of Megadeth’s The World Needs a Hero album from 2001 is an illustration of Marshall’s clone body after an Illuminati torture session.
  • From Hillary Clinton, Al Roker, Eminem, Britney Spears and even Gucci Mane, Marshall names celebs that have been reportedly cloned with a microchip programmed by this “so-called” Celebrity Cloning center which is located in Canada.

Check out this freakish video below of Al Roker who appears literally stuck on camera and doesn’t blink once during a taping of TODAY. Eminem is also shown during a Notre Dame game acting strangely confused on camera.

We will let you be the judge but all we can say is #WTF! we can’t make this sh*t up…

Check out the gallery below of celebrities that theorists believe are government clones.


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