Battle Grounds is an outlet for independent artists to gain mainstream exposure by having their single played live on air during Atlanta’s number one Urban show, Durtty Boyz Monday – Fridays 6-10 PM.  Listeners and fans can call in to cast their votes for the Battle Grounds competitors. Winners will have their record played consistently on Durtty Boyz […]

In part 3 of Gucci Mane Takeover with The Durtty Boyz, they call up his #1 fan Black Tony so they could finally meet! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! We know how much Black Tony ride’s for Gucci Mane so you know he was overwhelmed and had us dying laughing oh my God!! Gucci also offers to add […]

Hailing from the treacherous streets of Baltimore Jahmel is poised to invade the Rap game with a sound all his own. Heavily influenced by Atlanta trap, classic West Coast G-funk, & Reggae/Dancehall music he seamlessly intertwines these genres to formulate something new. Although he is young he attacks the track with the confidence of a […]

Trey Luther, known by his stage name, Smoke1Hunit, is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Arcadia Florida. Smoke1Hunit’s mother and father raised him to be creative, competitive, and confident. As President of his company, 1Hunit Entertainment, he has surrounded himself with music executives, writers, and creative personalities from all around the world. Over the […]

Jan 18th Battle Grounds Voters Champion Dae Dae – Aye Yano – Teris Which record was better today? tell us how you feel

Jan 14th Battle Grounds Challengers Champion – Dae Dae – Aye Challenger Sage – Here To LA comment below about artist music and more.

Jan 12th Battle Grounds Artist BTG – Holla Slim Champ – Ice Grill Leave comments below about artist music and more.  

Pick the best Battle Grounds artist for Jan 11th Dada – What You Mean 1 Ice Grill – 2   Comment below and let us know which artist had the best record.  

vote your best song for today. comment and leave thoughts about the records today #1 challenger – Oskie ” Relax” #2 Champion – You Boi – Drank    

Comment below and let us know which song was better today. #1 Gwap Boyz #2 Drank Let us know which song was best today.  

Give the Durttyboyz your opinion on the records that was played Nov 30th on Battlegrounds. VOTE FOR #1 or #2 #1 Get Down #2 Dream – Young Me    

Challenger #1 – Caught a play Champion – Fully Loaded   Comment below on how you felt about the two records and which one was better today.