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We don’t acknowledge Christopher Columbus but we DO acknowledge these Christopher’s


[Photos] Here Are Some Christopher’s We Acknowledge  was originally published on

1. Christopher George Latore Wallace

Christopher George Latore Wallace Source:Getty

2. Christopher Lee Rios

Christopher Lee Rios Source:Getty

Big Pun!

3. Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown

Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown Source:Getty


4. Christopher Brian “Chris” Bridges

Christopher Brian "Chris" Bridges Source:Getty


5. Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid and Christopher ‘Play’ Martin

Christopher 'Kid' Reid and Christopher 'Play' Martin Source:Getty


6. Christopher Julius “Chris” Rock III

Christopher Julius "Chris" Rock III Source:Getty


7. Christopher Robert “Chris” Evans

Christopher Robert "Chris" Evans Source:Getty

Captain America

8. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Source:Getty


9. Christopher Michael “Chris” Pratt

Christopher Michael "Chris" Pratt Source:Getty

Star Lord

10. Christopher Emmanuel Paul

Christopher Emmanuel Paul Source:Getty

& Chris, Jr.

11. Christopher Whitelaw “Chris” Pine

Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine Source:Getty

Captain Kirk

12. Marion Christopher Barry

Marion Christopher Barry Source:Getty

The Late Son of Marion Barry

13. Christopher Wesson Bosh

Christopher Wesson Bosh Source:Getty

2-Time NBA World Champion

14. Christopher “Chris” Tucker

Christopher "Chris" Tucker Source:Getty


15. Christopher “Chris” Anthony John Martin

Christopher "Chris" Anthony John Martin Source:Getty


16. Christopher Keith Irvine

Christopher Keith Irvine Source:Getty

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho

17. Christopher Allen Lloyd

Christopher Allen Lloyd Source:Getty

Doc! (Back To The Future)

18. Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken Source:Getty

Actor (Real Name Roland)

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