Just last year Basketball Wives LA was riding high as the No. 1 telecast for women.

Because we live for the reality TV star's eyebrow-flexing shade, we compiled her best #BonnetChronicles clips for your learning and viewing pleasure.

When it comes to reality TV, most people either love or hate it. Whether you’re a fan of franchises like Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta or not, there was no escaping the virality of some moments that will go down in boob tube history. Scroll through our list of the top reality […]

Sigh of relieve for the end of Basketball Wives: LA! Now that the dust has settled and all shade has been thrown, can we discuss the outfits from the evening? Was there a mandatory black, white and grey dress code to acknowledge Shaunie O’Neal telling Brandi, “Your services are no longer needed” #RIPToYourChecks Shaunie O’Neal: […]

Draya Michele just pulled a Bey on Basketball Wives: LA co-star Mehgan James, screaming “Bow down, bitch!” in but so many tweets. The two got…

The saga between Draya and Orlando continues, but it appears that it may have a happy ending – at least for now. In the past…

Welp! Looks like Draya’s off the hook! A California judge dismissed the restraining order that her ex-fiance Orlando Scandrick filed against her earlier this month. Apparently, Orlando failed to: CLICK HERE!

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Congratulations to the happy couple...but we're wondering about that break-up a month ago.

Basketball Wives LA Is Back! Shaunie O’ Neal and Tami Roman are back! The Basketball Wives veterans packed their Pradas and headed to LA to…

SNEAK PEEK: “Basketball Wives LA – Season 4″ Trailer [WATCH] FINALLY! You can judge me all you want, but I love some Draya Michele! Thankfully, Draya as well as cast mates Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo will be returning to our tv screens pretty soon a long with a few other very familiar faces! WATCH HERE!