Hot 107.9 teamed up with Ciroc and Gold Room to bring Ciroc French Vanilla to Atlanta. The night was filled with beautiful women, good laughs, and a even better time. Check out the party below. ____

Another day, another 50 Cent jibe directed at Puff Daddy. Over the weekend, Fif’ took to his Instagram account to let everyone know just how…

We all love Ciroc. And now there is a new face of Pineapple Ciroc. Not mad at you for keeping the check in the family.  Yes @cassie is beautiful! And Diddy keeps her working. Diddy took to twitter to spread the news.

More Exclusives Here After Diddy took to social media to let the world know of the newest edition to the Ciroc family, the Word On The Streetz News team came up with a few drink recipes for your Labor Day get together. Check out our WOTSN Ciroc Pineapple drink recipe ideas for you to try! […]

Watermelon Ciroc? What’s next? I’ve heard of people bootlegging clothing, music, and DVDs. Now it appears that Diddy’s Ciroc brand is a target. No worries though, Diddy assures that “watermelon” is NOT a flavor in the line up. Check out what he had to say to his millions of twitter followers.

We figured Diddy would be eating some humble pie soon. It seems like Diddy is regretting his angry comments to non-Ciroc drinkers at a BET Hip Hop Awards after party at Compound this weekend, which led to T.I. checking him, so Diddy took to Twitter to apologize. Take a look at Diddy’s tweets below… RELATED: […]

The stars came out last night for the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards after party at the Compound, but it was an incident involving T.I. and Diddy that has everybody talking! Apparently Diddy was pissed that some folks in the club were not drinking his Ciroc vodka and actually threw a drink on someone as […]

While in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards, Diddy found time to call up DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz radio on Hot 107.9. Calling from Red Cafe's video shoot in Atlanta, Diddy was his usual cocky self, declaring that he's "the leader of the not f*cking around crew" and telling people to put the "geese" down and make the switch to his Ciroc vodka.

Sean "Diddy" Combs has been hit with a $12 million dollar lawsuit by a former employee, who claims he fired her from Bad Boy Records over her age and medical condition.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has issued an apology of sorts for making disparaging statements about rival vodkas that set off the “vodka wars” earlier this month between Combs’ Ciroc brand and a number of other spirit makers.

As promised, a group of vodka makers sent toilet bowls full of bottles of Ciroc to Diddy's midtown Manhattan offices. The vodka makers were "protesting" comments Diddy recently made at a party where he said that all other brands of vodka were "pee pee" compared to Ciroc.