Tank ignited a light-skinned vs. dark-skinned debate on social media that has many people opening up about their experience with what is referred to as “shadism” or…

The Internet was in an uproar yesterday after a rumor spread that Lil Wayne made some comments at a video shoot that were disparaging to dark-skinned women. As expected, Lil Wayne and Young Money president Mack Maine deny that any such comments were ever made.

Looks like Lil Wayne has put his foot in his mouth and may have offended his fans with a negative comment about dark-skinned women. One of bossip.com's readers, who describes herself as dark-skinned, says that derogatory statements made by Weezy during a recent encounter left her determined never to support the rapper again.

In Sean Garrett's new song called "Summer Love" he basically calls dark skin women b*tches but also says they are just as bad as "red bones." The song features Bun B, and Yo Gotti. Is it just us or is anyone else tired of this dark skin vs. light skin battle. Who cares?!