Attorney Gerald Griggs, of the NAACP, encourages us to mobilize and let our voices be heard against voter bills set to pass in Georgia to suppress the black vote.

February 3rd marks the anniversary Congress ratified the 15th amendment granted African American men the right to vote in 1870, it wasn’t until 1920 when African American Women we able to vote in the United States.  When you add the years, African-Americans have been able to vote for longer than most have been living but this did […]

2018 is a big Election year for the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta, but surprisingly many people aren’t sure where to go to vote. There are polling places all over the state, and if you live in Atlanta you have many options. RELATED: All The Important Georgia Election Dates In 2018 CLICK HERE […]


Mary-Pat Hector, a 19-year-old Spelman student, will become a part of history if she is elected to office in the state of Georgia.


He says Rep. Lewis should “spend more time on fixing and helping his district.”

According to the NYPD, there have been at least 43 bias-related attacks since the election, compared to 20 during the same period of time last year.

America is still in a state of shock after it was announced Wednesday morning that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States.

David Banner spoke to his followers, encouraging and challenging Black America to get to work and build back up Black communities.

Hillary Clinton took some time to chat with Rickey Smiley! She explains how she intends to address the problem of police brutality and the inequalities of the criminal justice system. “It’s a fact,” she says, that systematic racism plagues our society and the criminal justice system. She also speaks to those who might be sitting […]

With election day upon us, President Obama gave an inspiring speech in support of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Monday. Obama had his sleeves rolled up and was in rare form as he gave a speech about his political journey. He started by explaining what it was like to hit the campaign trail as a […]

With Election Day right around the corner, Hillary Clinton held a rally in the swing state of Ohio. She was introduced by the King Of Cleveland, LeBron James who pledged his support for Clinton last month on Business Insider, praising her for her interest in helping today’s youth succeed. “Only one person running truly […]

Celebrities are expressing their concern for his years election and urge voters to come out! Hot 107.9’s Reec got a chance to catch up with Mayor Kasim Reed & Usher Raymond as they cast their VOTE!