Lil Kim is keeping the beef between her and Nicki Minaj alive with a new video that her team posted on YouTube. In the 15-minute documentary, titled “Carbon Copy,” Kim attempts to prove that Nicki has stolen her whole style from her.

Nicki Minaj’s “Sh*tted On Em” is the latest song Lil’ Kim has redone in an attempt to make herself relevant again. Kim is prepping for the release of her mixtape “Black Friday” tomorrow! Check it out! “All these b*tches is my pets, I keep a tight leash around they neck/ b*tches try to bite, take […]

Someone's trying to mess with Monica on Twitter again. The Atlanta native has already canceled her account once due to malicious comments she received, as well as confronted someone who attacked her mothering skills.

And the beef goes on...Lil' Kim couldn't let a performance go by without mentioning her enemy Nicki Minaj. This New Year the Queen Bee hit the stage and performed her latest song "Black Friday."

Chris Brown, Raz-B, and Ricky Romance shared some words via Twitter this Christmas and things haven't quite gone back to normal. Despite Breezy apologizing, harsh words are still being exchanged.

One thing Chris Brown is familiar with is apologizing. A day after pelting B2K singer Raz-B with a flurry of N-bombs and homophobic tweets, Brown apologized for his behavior.

Keri Hilson has revealed that the idea of collaborating with Ciara is not too far fetched. She appeared on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show on Monday (October 4) to again address the rumored beef between her and her “competition.”

Ciara has, once again, spoken out about the comparisons between Keri Hilson and herself. Click here to see what she said when asked by XXL magazine if Keri Hilson has jacked her swag!

Yesterday, Sandra Rose posted a letter from a fan of her website who wrote in to state their disapproval of Monica's parenting skills. When Monica got wind of the letter, she immediately took to her Twitter account. Click here to see what she said!

As you know, 50 Cent recently tried to interrupt Shyne’s Def Jam Ustream session. Bits and pieces of information regarding the incident have been floating around online.

The latest in the ongoing drama between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka happened at our affiliate station, iPower Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. During a break in the live interview, Gucci was given a heads up that he was going to be asked about Waka on the air, at which point Gucci walked out of the studio before the interview was complete.

One of the most famous feuds in hip-hop just got more interesting. Lil’ Kim recently sat down for an interview with our friends over at AOL Black Voices and went in on her 90's rival, Foxy Brown.