Beyonce's Super Bowl Sunday performance of "Formation" left the world in either shock or awe, depending who you are. But many White feminists seemed to feel merely left out.

It's unfortunate that some people just won't let Beyoncé be great! A group is planning an "Anti-Bey" protest outside of the NFL headquarters.

Of course we’re all still reeling from Beyonce‘s fantastic performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Well, Gary With Da Tea breaks down exactly what made the…

Beyoncé is that bitch. She dropped a video and single, “Formation,” on Saturday and “caused all this conversation.” “Formation” is peak Yoncé . Impossible choreography. Hot beats. Gif-able moments. New pop culture totems (#hotsauce). Ass. It is also the artist’s most radical production to date, heavy with symbolism and challenges to prevailing narratives about race and […]

After yet another incredible performance by Beyonce at the super bowl last night, Special K has some top-secret information about all the demands she made prior to her…

Beyoncé joined Coldplay and Bruno Mars onstage for the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show… So many of Queen Bey’s fans were on pins and needles waiting for their Motha to show up in “Formation.” After surprising everyone with a new single and video the day before, the anticipation was on a higher level… Watch her performance […]

You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.

Just as anticipation builds up for Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance tomorrow evening, Queen B decided to bless us with a video for her brand new song "Formation."