Kim Kardashian was spotted looking fab as usual. She attended the Noon by Noor launch party in California. Kim rocked a black tube top mini dress and black heels. She accessorized her look with a gold and turquoise necklace and a tan clutch. However, her hottest accessory by far was her fiance, Kris Humphries. Check […]

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against The Gap Inc. for using a Kim K clone, Melissa Molinaro. The reality star claims that Old Navy intentionally used a clone to make the public think she was affiliated with the brand. Kim is furious that Old Navy has been tweeting her page to […]

Kim Kardashian may want to talk to her NBA baller fiance Kris Humphries about what went on in the VIP at club TROUSDALE. The New Jersey Net was spotted looking a little too cozy with a popular jumpoff while in the club’s VIP area. And it gets better! It wasn’t just any old jumpoff, it […]

The Kardashian sisters have launched a new nail polish collection – well, Khloe & Kourtney did, Kim is busy planning a wedding. In collaboration with Nicole by OPI, the line includes 14, um, “Kolors.” Though we cringe every time they inklude an unnecessary “k” (see what we did there?), we must admit, we love the […]

Kim Kardashian has been spotted numerous times with this white Chanel fringe bag. I’m kind of feelin’ the bag but something about the fringes does not hit me right. I’m thinking they are too long, making this bag fug to me. To make it worse, she has the bag paired with loud outfits such as […]

“Keeping up with Kardashians?” Nah. I’d say more like “Keeping up with your identity.”It’s an unwritten rule that, when in a relationship with a Kardashian, it’s pretty much law for your identity to change, everything including your last name. Even if it’s not legally changed, everything following your first name will forever be followed by […]

Kim Kardashian’s butt is more famous than she is, if that’s possible. And it seems she’s been asked the question “Is it real?” one too many times. Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney convinced her to get an X-ray of her rear end to put rumors to rest once and for all. Yesterday, Khloe posted a […]

Ladies: it’s that time of year that we all dread: swimsuit season. The true test if our hard work at the gym in the winter months has paid off. You aren’t alone ladies. Check out these celebs in their bikinis. Should some of them have spent a little more time workin’ on their fitness, or […]

Love obsessed Kim Kardashian gets around.  Her boyfriends have ranged from athletes to musicians to … yeah, that’s about it.  Even though she has publicly proclaimed her desire to wed, only two of her significant others have managed to put a ring on it; most recently,  New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries proposed on May […]

Kim Kardashian and Ray J are in front of the camera together once again. The two were recorded by a security camera meeting up. I thought Kim and Ray J were not on speaking terms since the sex tape scandal but from the looks of the video below, the two are good friends. Is Ray- […]

Kim Kardashian was spotted with future hubby Kris Humphries shopping for their wedding. The two were seen in a Beverly Hills tuxedo shop.  Kim and Kris looked casual and in love as ever. Although, it looks a little hot in there as Kris is sporting some pit stains.  So why are you wearing Uggs in […]

Rumors have been circulating that the recently engaged Kim Kardashian was seeing another man during the time she was dating her fiancé, Kris Humphries. The man she was supposedly cheating with, Brett Lockett, is an NFL player and claims the two were texting, talking on the phone, and seeing each other for months. Allegedly, Kim […]