TLC, the best-selling female group in music history, are returning to the spotlight with a mix of new events, including an album, VH1 biopic…

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Another day, another reality show. If you’re tired of the hair pulling,drink throwing, back stabbing reality shows that fill the airwaves, then BET’s ‘Hip Hop…

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When it was announced VH1 would be developing a biopic about the super ’90s girl group TLC, fans were excited and yet apprehensive as to…

Lil Mama is without a doubt the Mary J. Blige of her generation. She has unparalleled talent and beauty that runs more than skin deep. When I invited her on a cool fall day last week to hang with me in Harlem the starlet didn’t hesitate. Lil Mama was open about everything; from where she […]

Lil’ Mama is reaching on this one! We have all rolled our eyes at the infant beef between Lil’ Mama and herself Nicki Minaj but to even mention 2Pac and Biggie in the same sentence as their minuscule beef is ridiculous. “If we decided to go at each other and then somebody ended up dead, […]

It looks like Lil Mama listened to Charlamagne when he told her to put out some music and let it speak for itself.  In her new song “Scrawberry”, Mama finds herself rapping over Special Ed’s ’80s classic “I Got It Made” beat. Please don’t ask why she spelled strawberry like that… Lil’ Mama On Nicki […]

Lil’ Mama and Nicki Minaj still have beef, it seems. Two years ago, Lil’ Mama admitted she wasn’t a fan of the then-up-and-coming rapper Nicki Minaj because of what she “represented.” Now, Mama’s saying Minaj jacked her whole style. Here’s what she told VIBE: I think the biggest style criticism was thrown at you this […]

Lil’ Mama’s music career may be over and as short lived as a band under Bad Boy Records. caught up with the America’s Best Dance Crew host and when asked about the path her music career is going in, said “I’m just living my life. I’m about to move to Paris. I don’t even […]

The MTV Movie Awards went down last night and celebrities blew up the red carpet! Among some of the celebrities spotted were Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Mama and Tyrese Gibson.  Trey Songz and Lupe Fiasco were looking hot on stage as they performed “Out Of My Head.” Lil Mama rocked the red […]

Lil’ Mama’s ridiculous fashion was an issue long before Nicki Minaj. The rapper turned MTV hostess hit up the red carpet of the MTV movie Awards channeling Nicki Minaj with a blonde blunt-cut bob, dazzling dress and platform heels. Nicki Minaj Talks About The Public’s Infatuation With Her Butt [VIDEO] Nicki Minaj Makes Guest Apperance […]

Nicki Minaj hit MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” stage where she came face-to-face with her former enemy Lil’ Mama. If you don’t remember, back in 2009, Lil’ Mama launched an attack on the then-up-&-coming Young Money rapper: Lil’ Mama Disses Nicki Minaj For What She “Represents”. If there’s anyone that can challenge Nicki in the […]

We guess Jay-Z's security has stepped it up since the Lil Mama incident. Dude tried to get on stage with Jay and got bodied! Check the video here!