Nas plead not guilty to a charge of contempt of court today, February 19th. Kelis' lawyer alleges that Nas hasn't paid more than $200k in court ordered child support, spousal support, and attortney fees. Her lawyer filed the charge because Nas allegedly refused to pay.

According to legal papers, Nas has refused to pay any child support at all since December 1st. TMZ has obtained Kelis' legal docs asking the judge to haul Nas into court and ask him why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered rapper Nas on Wednesday to increase his monthly child- and spousal-support payments to estranged wife Kelis and their infant son, Knight.

Check out <strong>Nas</strong> and <strong>Kelis'</strong> little bundle of joy. I hope they can work it out for his sake.<!--more-->

Dear Young Warriors fighting the wrong wars! Killing each other is definitely played out. Being hurt from the lost of a love one was never cool <!--more-->