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In 1998, we were first introduced to Lauryn Hill’s first born, Zion Marley, from the song of the same name on her seminal debut album,…

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  In an unexpected twist, Rohan Marley spoke to TMZ about what is going to happen with the children that he shares with Lauryn Hill while…

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The decade-long romance between Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley was stuff tabloid fodder was made of. After their split in 2011, Hill and Marley have…

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Earlier in the week, Snoop Lion was threatened with a lawsuit by Bunny Wailer and the Rastafari Millennium Council. Wailer and the Council claim Snoop…

Former Fugees member Wyclef Jean has been promoting his explosive autobiography, “Purpose.” Part of the appeal of the book is Jean’s claims Lauryn Hill tried to tell him he was the father of her first child before she found out it was Rohan Marley’s. Lauryn Hill finally responded to Wyclef’s claims during a stop on […]

After 5 (possibly 6) kids together, I thought that Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley would be together forever. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Word is, Rohan Marley has moved on and has his heart set on marrying his new Brazilian model girlfriend. Rhymes With Snitch has the story: After five children together fans were shocked […]

Here are the first pics of Lauryn Hill’s sixth child. The baby boy is being held by his sisters Selah and Sarah. Lauryn, who welcomed her sixth child over the weekend, posted an open letter defending the father of her other five children Rohan Marley. The singer does not say whether she and Marley are […]

Lauryn Hill gave birth to her sixth child this past Saturday after keeping the mysterious pregnancy a secret for months. Confusion set in when long-time lover Rohan Marley allegedly abandoned Hill for a Brazilian model and refuted our assumptions that he wasn’t the father of her recently born son. Lauryn Hill attempted to set the […]

Has pregnant Lauryn Hill been dumped by Rohan Marley for a Brazilian model? We’re not sure how the relationship ended but Rohan has cleared moved on. After denying last month that he was not the father of Lauryn’s baby, Rohann is now dating Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana. The model took to Twitter to let the […]

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley took their kids to see “Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark” on Broadway recently. The family was spotted backstage meeting and greeting the cast members. Looks like all 6 of their kids were there (if you count the one in Lauryn’s belly!), as well as some friends or cousins. So cute! […]

Lauryn Hill has been pretty quiet since she announced her pregnancy to fans at a concert in Detroit. Well, it looks like Ms. Hill has decided to tell her fans all around the world about it in an open letter. Lauryn penned a letter thanking her fans for their support and even addressed arriving late […]

Lauryn Hill recently announced that she was pregnant with her sixth child and yes all our mouths dropped, but we are now learning that the father of her other 5 children, Rohan Marley, may not be the father of this baby! Rohan Marley took to Twitter yesterday to deny that he’s the father. Excuse us […]