trey songz


The "I Invented Sex (Remix)" is here featuring Miss Keri Baby, Usher and a new verse from Trey Songz. Usher promises to introduce you to the mile high, Keri’s making your body woozy and Trey Songz is moonlighting as a plumber laying the pipe down.

Ok, so there has been a lot of talking back and forth between Kells and Trey, but Kells just let loose!  And I have the video right here!

This <strong>kiss</strong> started a lot of controversy, but it doesn't look half as bad as the pictures did. Check out the performance.<!--more-->

Check out <strong>Toni Braxton's</strong> brand new <strong>video</strong> featuring <strong>Trey Songz, "Yesterday."</strong> Toni and Trey made headlines recently for sharing a <strong>kiss</strong> onstage at the <strong>2009 Soul Train Awards</strong>, so this video will probably get the rumor mill rolling again.<!--more-->

<strong>Trey Songz</strong> just dropped the video to his new single, <strong>"I Invented Sex"</strong> featuring <strong>Drake</strong>. Check it out here.<!--more-->

With the recent release of Ready, the third album from Trey Songz, the question arises whether he will be the one to bring back the R&B game. R.Kelly has held the crown for almost fifteen years, but with Trey on the come-up, is it time for Kellz to pass the torch? <!--more-->