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The “Buzz in the Streetz” is that Diddy is ready to settle down with his longtime girlfriend/baby’s mother and Georgia native, Kim Porter. It’s reported that Diddy dumped his current girlfriend Cassie and told her that she has a couple of weeks to move out of his house.  The buzz is that he recently purchased a 12 carat diamond ring.

Here’s the story below:

“According to sources in Diddy’s camp, he has broken things off with Cassie and given her until June to move out of his house. After years of beating around the bush and sowing his royal oats, Diddy has purchased a 12 carat diamond ring in hopes of proposing to Kim Porter in 2010.  No word of exactly when he wants to pop the question, but we hear 2010 will definitely be the year.  Kim and Diddy have been coupled up lately, low-key at a lot of events, so this one may actually be true”. — courtesy of

I’m just saying, I will have to see this one to believe it.  I’m not sure if Diddy’s ready to settle down with one woman considering his track record.  Kim stuck around long enough and went through all the lies and cheating, so I say she deserves that 12 carat diamond (only if he’s serious).  Shout out to Kim for being his “down a** chick” because I would not have been able to stick around!

That’s the “Buzz in the Streetz” — Jazzy McBee

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