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Michelle Williams is making a musical comeback with her new song “Love Gun.” Much like her Destiny’s Child counterpart Kelly Rowland, Michelle has gone the techno-pop route on this tune.

It’s been three years since her last solo album was released and “Love Gun” is quite different from it’s preceding material. With heavy synths and Casio keyboard-striking, the upbeat record is for the lucky in love.

“Never thought that love would ever shoot me down / One shot was all it took for love to take me out / Pistol is loaded / nowhere for me to hide / Hand on the trigger / Aiming for your bullseye,” she sings.

She told Concrete Loop, “My album will be ‘inspirational pop.’ Think of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ or Natasha Bedingfeld’s ‘Unwritten.’ I want to give people a message of hope while at the same time get them moving with dance inspired tracks.”

Are you looking forward to her new sound?

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